Team Ghost Stories

Olen's Story

While conducting an EVP session during a private investigation, a dark spirit called several Team members by name. At one point the spirit invited Olen into small dark bathroom "to play". Creepy!

Joe's Story

While at an Inn in Gettysburg, Joe was using trigger objects to encourage interaction with the spirits. It was while loading his civil war gun the K2 meter went crazy! We began an intense interaction with a drummer boy who claimed he brought water to the sick on the battlefield. Amazing!

Robin's Story

Ghost seem to like Robin! When ever she has the K2 meter, it's going off. In a recent investigation at a brewery Robin was touched several times. A female spirit followed her most of night!

Team Stories

Linza's Story

At an investigation of a historic Inn on the Eastern Shore, Linza was drawn to the water and pier. A Male spirit was very talkative, the K2 meter was like fireworks! The spirit wanted Linza to jump in the water. Later during our walk, the aggressive spirit attempted to channel through Linza. Scary!

Kimberly's Story

While on an investigation in PA, Kimberly was standing in catacombs when she "heard" people moving around under her feet! The tunnels had been filled decades ago. Kimberly did make contact with several slave spirits. It was a tunnel for the Underground Railroad! It was later confirmed that local historians recently began researching the possibility that the Underground Railroad went through town. Interesting detail!

At the Beach!

During an investigation in Ocean City, Robin, Linza, and Kimberly had a strong urge to climb up into a lookout tower window. While sitting there all three recieved strong images of a young woman at the beach. Robin wrote down her description and got to work! Research produced a picture of the exact person we saw in our vision. The amazing fact is that the picture was NOT on display. It was filed with photos of local prominent families from the 1920s! Amazing!