DONP Investigations, Ghost Walks, Lectures

Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
Dead of Night Investigations Mission is two fold;

1) to provide scientific and experiential, non-judgemental, non-bias, evidence supported documentation of paranormal activity/events/experiences. 

2) to provide support, validation, services and recommendations to individuals affected by paranormal activity/events/experiences.

Our Mission Statement is realized through our Investigation Standards and Procedures. Along with the talents, skills sets, experiences, commitment and dedication of our Team. No individual nor organization will be denied services based on income, religious beliefs, gender, and/or sexual orientation.

Investigation Standards and Procedures:

1) we are committed to maintaining a professional, scientific and thorough investigational approach and application.
2) we are well versed in current and prototype equipment and measurement tools.
3) each investigation is approached with skepticism and a commitment to finding out the truth.
4) all individuals, families, institutions and/or organizations will be treated fairly and are subject to our Policies and Procedures to ensure accurate and objective assessment.
5) our process is as follows, but is not limited to this outlined approach.
* Initial telephone/media contact. Basic information gathered. Appointment set.
* Historical research of land, property, individuals and local lore is conducted.
* First On Site visit. One on one interviews of all involved persons. Walk through of site. Preliminary scientific data collection.
* Off Site evaluation of both objective and subjective data collected.
* Team review, feedback and recommendations.
* Presentation of findings. Education and support provided to client.
* Recommendations for follow up, prevention and treatment planning based on client's response to evidence presented.